Embedded Firmware

DLS Solutions Systems : Embedded Devices
Inside every modern instrument is a microprocessor. In fact, most instruments have more than one. A typical microprocessor runs code that is loaded automatically when the instrument starts. This code or firmware implements the knowledge and algorithms that the microprocessor needs to control the low-level devices that comprise the instrument: electronics, sensors, motors, actuators and displays. Common algorithms include temperature and flow control, data acquisition and filtering, wired and wireless communications and power management strategies. These systems frequently have hard real-time requirements and must be completely robust.

We are qualified and experienced in all phases of developing embedded systems. We can handle tasks ranging from the initial back-of-the-envelope block diagrams, through requirements gathering, identifying the right electrical components and firmware tools for a design, and bringing a prototype electronics board to life, through firmware development, production and test. We speak schematics and gate arrays as well as RTOSs and emulators.