Spectral Library Search Component

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Spectral Library Search component for Windows and Windows Mobile

The DLS Spectral Library Search component allows qualitative identification of unknown spectra against one or more spectral libraries. The component provides an application programming interface for use by VB, C++, or C# client applications. The same interface exists for Windows PC and Windows Mobile applications. The component performs algorithmic search analysis, results retrieval, and library maintenance operations.

Supported search algorithms include:

  • Euclidean distance
  • Correlation / Gap Derivative Correlation
  • Least Squares / Gap Derivative Least Squares
  • Absolute Value / Gap Derivative Absolute Value
  • Dot Product / Gap Derivative Dot Product

Additional search features include:

  • (optional) Baseline Correction
  • (optional) ATR Correction
  • (optional) Wavelength Region Masking
  • (automatic) Axes Transformations

Because many spectral library vendors provide only proprietary/closed library formats, the DLS Spectral Library Search component makes use of a Library interface plug-in design architecture. Some vendor Library Formats are already supported by plug-in modules that have been written, but these modules must be separately licensed. However, the DLS Spectral Search development team will work with our client partner companies to develop their own proprietary library formats, or to provide plug-in modules to support their existing library formats.

For more information about the DLS Spectral Library Search components and how to make use of these components in your Windows PC or Windows Mobile applications, contact the DLS Spectral Search development team at spectralsearch@dlssolutions.com