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DLS Solutions develops software for analytical and biotech instrumentation

  • If you are considering and/or building software around existing platforms such as the 7500 Fast RealTime PCR Gold Standard or developing a new system, reach out to us, we're here to help
  • For Startups looking to quickly build a system or firms that simply need to accelerate development, we have 20+ years helping companies achieve their goals, on-time, on-budget, and on-target
  • DLS offers rapid, custom integration services
  • Desktop or Cloud
  • .NET software component ready for integration into new or existing products
  • Our component is a mature product, based on a hardened code-base with 10+ years of commercial operation
  • DLS offers rapid, custom integration services
  • Desktop or Cloud
  • Supports a complete 21 CFR Part 11 feature set

  • We have a solid track record of successfully commercializing many software systems.
  • We provide hard-to-find development expertise to accelerate your instrumentation project commercialization.
  • We focus solely on software and instrumentation for medical devices, biotechnology, and analytical chemistry.
  • All of our developers have extensive first-hand experience developing software for the instrumentation industry.
  • As an independent organization we can focus on development and deliver the value-added software you need.
  • Real-time qPCR, DNA sequencing and forensics analysis
  • Glycan and Protein analysis
  • Medical Device Software
  • UV-Vis, NIR, FTIR and Raman spectroscopies
  • Mass spectrometry

  • 21 CFR Part 11, new software and conversion of existing software
  • Agile and iterative software development
  • Project management and leadership
  • Project analysis, planning and scoping
  • Writing requirements and specifications
  • Algorithm Development
  • CCD/CMOS camera integration for acquisition
  • Image processing/machine vision
  • Embedded systems and firmware
  • Medical Device Software Development, ANSI 62304:2006
  • Regulatory Documentation
  • Porting Matlab and Labview to C++ and C#
  • Usability and user interface design
  • SQL and non-SQL database design and implementation
  • AWS and Azure Cloud Deployment
  • Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, GitHub, Jira

DLS has designed and built many complex software systems for analytical and biotech instruments. Here is a selected subset of our completed projects:

other completed projects include...

  • FDA Approved RealTime PCR System with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Portable FTIR Identification System
  • Mass Spectrometry calibration and accurate mass standardization software
  • Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging
  • Food Pathogen Detection
  • DNA Mixture Analysis
  • Next Generation DNA Sequencing sCMOS Control
  • Desktop Real-Time PCR System
  • High-throughput Real-Time PCR
  • Portable Raman Device Software
  • Cardiovascular Ultrasound Imaging
  • Enterprise Fragment Analysis Software
  • Next Generation Portable FTIR
  • NIR QC Software for oil refining
  • X-Ray Imaging Medical Device
  • Android Driver Library for portable NIR Spectrophotometer
  • Instrument calibration and control for protein confirmation
  • Protein software package with instrument control, application and integrated analytics
  • CE Data Collection Software
  • AWS Cloud Dashboard for NIR Analyzer System built in Angular and
  • Pathology Software System with automated fluidics and Molecular Devices Microscope imaging
  • Web UI Simulator for Ophthalmology Medical Device

  • Euclidean distance
  • Correlation (and Similarity)
  • Least Squares
  • Absolute Value
  • Dot Product
  • n-Gap Derivative variants
  • (optional) Baseline Correction
  • (optional) ATR Correction
  • (optional) X-Range Wavelength Masking
  • (automatic) Axes Transformations

"DLS helped open the door for individuals all around the world to access IRUG's database which has improved the quality of the information that's used for conservation purposes. With their help, IRUG has taken a major step forward for the larger cultural heritage community." download the full PDF

- Beth Price, Senior Scientist Philadelphia Museum of Art.

"We selected DLS because they had direct, prior experience in instrumentation and particularly in spectroscopy tools. This enabled them to very quickly understand what our product did and the needed core elements of the software package. They came on board with a very good understanding of our requirements which enabled them to quickly scope the tasks for a successful development. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend DLS as a company and a team for software development. It is very likely we will use DLS on future projects." download the full PDF

- Chip Marshall, CEO RedSHIFT Bio. RedSHIFT Bio

"I would recommend working with DLS because of all these benefits. The DLS team is great, and if another company uses the agile approach, then they can repeat the same success that we had. It surprised me when I started working with DLS, how fast things can move, and how easy it was to communicate what we needed. The DLS people are highly professional, knowledgeable, and agile. DLS' cross-functional experience, not just with software but also with instrumentation analytics and chemistry, is a very strong asset." download the full PDF

- Sergey Vlasenko, Ph.D., President and CEO ProZyme Inc.

"My experience with DLS was terrific, and I would state that others would be on the right path with these folks. DLS delivered the software on-time and on-schedule and, most importantly, on-budget. They did exactly what they said they would, and they executed on it well. I would highly recommend DLS." download the full PDF

- Ken Arnold, CEO Precise Light Surgical

"I would absolutely recommend DLS Solutions. They are experts at coming in and helping with development, doing it quickly, doing it right the first time and meeting deadlines." download the full PDF

- John Gamelin, Vice President, Research and Development, CAS Medical Systems, Inc.

"The DLS Solutions team is a collection of solid, experienced developers with a broad range of skills and project management capabilities. For many years DLS personnel were an integral component of SensIR's product development efforts. DLS is a trusted Software development firm that helped design and build a complete software suite for SensIR's primary product line. SensIR's strategy of developing rugged, reliable, portable FT-IR instrumentation for use outside of the traditional laboratory was successful in great part because of DLS ability to think out of the box and implement solid user friendly software in a timely cost effective manner. This unique Software and Firmware paved the way for SensIR's FT-IR Instruments to be widely used by First Responders and other non-scientists in the analysis of potentially Hazardous materials."

- Robert Sebes, CEO SensIR Technologies

"DLS Solutions worked closely with us to help build our MassWorks software product. They took on the role of the software development team as if they were an in-house software department. This helped us get the product completed in a timely manner for our award winning introduction at Pittcon. They implemented our proprietary algorithms, file storage, graphics, and user interface with a depth of usability experience that helped us make the software simple to use. Cerno Bioscience's accurate mass technology is now being marketed and used by all major pharmaceutical companies, and DLS was an integral part in enabling us to attain our goals."

- Yongdong Wang, PhD, Founder and President Cerno Bioscience.

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