In Biotech, DLS has extensive expertise with Real-Time PCR, Sequencing, Protein Analyzers, and BioMedical devices

In Mass Spectroscopy, DLS has developed complete award-winning solutions, with calibration/accurate mass results

DLS has developed applications on Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, FreeRTOS, Android, and iOS platforms

In Chromatography, DLS is experienced with Method Development, Peak Detection/Baseline, and Reporting

In Spectroscopy, DLS has expertise with ASTM methods, 21CFR11 support, and Qual/Quant results

DLS offers Algorithm development and implementation for a wide range of analytical disciplines

DLS' Spectral Search components deliver fully tested, efficient, cross platform, and easy-to-integrate solutions

DLS Solutions develops custom software for biotechnology and analytical instrumentation

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DLS Solutions has talented software developers, designers and specialists to help you build your software on-budget and on-time
  • DLS Solutions FeatureWe analyze your project, scope the work, and staff your project.
  • DLS Solutions FeatureWe innovate, design, build and document your project.
  • DLS Solutions FeatureWe bring experience and attention to detail