Instrument Control

DLS Solutions, Inc. has been developing custom software since 1999 for many projects that require combining knowledge of digital image processing, spectroscopy and instrument control in analytical chemistry and biotech.

DLS Solutions has also been involved in all software aspects of these projects including: real-time instrument control, high-performance data collection, CCD and sCMOS acquisition, digital image processing, algorithms, traditional and touch UI.

Our projects usually involve multiple staff members with a collective set of skills in project management, software design, programming, electronics, regulated processes, risk analysis, formal documentation and domain specific application knowledge.

Our real world experience developing custom software for research grade instruments and medical devices is our strength and serves as the core for our software development strategy and services. We have developed the software that controls many different types of instruments:

  • ultrasound imaging systemsultrasound imaging systems
  • laser toolslaser tools
  • x-ray imagingx-ray imaging
  • real-time qPCRreal-time qPCR
  • thermal cyclersthermal cyclers
  • DNA sequencingDNA sequencing
  • capillary electrophoresiscapillary electrophoresis
  • UV-Vis, NIR spectrophotometersUV-Vis, NIR spectrophotometers
  • FTIR, Raman, Mass spectrometersFTIR, Raman, Mass spectrometers
  • surface plasmon resonance imaging systemssurface plasmon resonance imaging systems
  • real-time laser based protein imaging systemsreal-time laser based protein imaging systems
  • medical NIR sensorsmedical NIR sensors
  • We develop for innovative start-ups, small or mid-sized companies and large publicly traded corporations, all with our "DLS software inside" running the system.