Leadership and Project Management

DLS Solutions Capabilities : Leadership and Project Management
The years of experience within DLS, either actively managing projects and/or working on projects to gain valuable first-hand experience, have produced seasoned technical leaders. DLS, an entity built over time by veterans from the field, has the know-how to get projects done. DLS operates in two basic modes:

  • Manage the Project DirectlyManage the Project Directly
  • Work with a dedicated Project ManagerWork with a dedicated Project Manager

In either mode, DLS has the knowledge and dedication to complete projects. We have been completing projects for decades; this is simply what we do. We have the savvy to assist the team with insight and work efficiency, often acting as player-coach to continually remove critical path obstacles and maintain a daily rhythm typically present on functioning teams. At times, the task of Leading Software engineers (including interacting with external, multi-disciplinary groups) is more an art form than a science. Yet, DLS has expertise in maintaining effective and efficient development efforts. We bring a solid design, high quality, dedication and enthusiasm. People are our most precious asset. We understand the impact of certain intangible factors on all projects. Often the gritty details are not exposed in post-mortem project analysis. Yet, it is vital to carry forward these details in the pursuit of excellent engineering, given the pressure of schedule deadlines and challenging requirements. Whenever we are added to a team, we look for ways to enhance performance and not just track and report. This ultimately requires a balance between the classical methods of resource control and the emotional resonance of the team members. In the end, the project will not be successful unless both the product is made the focus, since this is what the end user is paying for, and there is an ability to stay focused on the team effort to deliver, while maintaining a perspective for the overall flow.

As the saying goes, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going...." This has both humor and truth, and we at DLS believe we have the integrity to lead, especially when leadership is most needed. Virtually anyone can be given a title and follow protocol, but every project faces a point where leadership counts. DLS will be well worth it when the team hits the bumps in the road.

Software teams have significant demands placed on them. The leadership at the helm may be unaware and/or incapable of meeting the demands of modern software development. A classical project manager would need to work closely with the technical leader to bridge the gaps between high level coordination across team members, while achieving the proper operational mechanics of good software practices: design, testing and communication of trade-offs as they occur.