Algorithm Development

DLS Solutions Capabilities : Algorithms

DLS Solutions has been developing scientific software for decades. Nearly every project we complete has some level of algorithm work. DLS routinely develops intellectual property for our clients in the course of the software development. We can develop algorithms in C++, C# or Java. We also port algorithms developed by physicists, chemists, mathematicians, biologists or computer scientists into production software. We have over 15 years of qPCR analytics experience. Many of our completed projects include CCD or sCMOS cameras, the necessary high performance data acquisition and related custom image processing. We've been involved in peak detection work from our earliest days with Chromatography analysis and continue to work with all types of spectroscopic data requiring curve fitting, calibrations, statistical analysis and experimental design. We have built several algorithm centric products including FTIR spectral library search, Mass Spectrometry software for standardization and calibration as well as DNA mixture analysis used in forensics. We also have experience with chemometrics for NIR and understand how to build models for the real world.