DLS Solutions Applications : Biotechnology

DLS Solutions has been involved with biotechnology since the mid-90's. We have applied our background training with spectroscopic-based detection systems and imaging with the various instrumentation systems to deliver the highest quality design and implementation of software. Typically, these applications involve some form of CCD or sCMOS imaging, UV-Vis, NIR, FTIR, CE, direct laser or MS type detection component. The most common method we've encountered includes the use of fluorescence as the primary measurement technique. The applications are based on a combination of some underlying fundamental analytical technique plus systematic methods that deal with the specifics of DNA, proteins and glycans. DLS has spent 15+ years developing and contributing to systems for qPCR, DNA sequencing, DNA based forensics, protein binding, protein conformation, glycomics, proteomics, food pathogen detection, biological hazard monitoring, cardiovascular disease treatment and many more. This area is rich with complex problem solving opportunities that span a wide range of tools and techniques to help improve the quality of life. DLS is proud to have developed and contributed in significant ways to systems being used throughout the world to impact the way we live.