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We add value to your product portfolio with our small teams of very talented and effective software developers

DLS Solutions Value and Benefits
Today, in the Chemical Analysis and Life Sciences industries, a key factor in differentiating products is software. Software is the vehicle through which the scientist and technician interact to control their laboratory instrumentation. Producing the right software and getting it to market in the most time-efficient manner are critical to success.

As an independent organization focused exclusively on software development, we believe that we can take a leadership position and deliver the value-added software that has become a central element of modern instrumentation systems.

We offer a "Rapid Solution Development" process and bring a complete set of modern software tools and experience to get the job done:

  • DLS Solutions Value and BenefitDecades of Rapid Prototyping
  • DLS Solutions Value and BenefitDevelopment iterations
  • DLS Solutions Value and BenefitDecades of Software Project Management
  • DLS Solutions Value and BenefitDozens of successful projects with leading companies

We pride ourselves as a group of energetic, highly motivated and productive individuals and intend to exceed the expectations of our clients by delivering innovative software solutions for today and tomorrow. As a leading service provider for technical companies, we offer turnkey resources to our clients with an established and well known professional service firm standing behind every activity.