To provide the highest quality custom software solutions for the instrumentation industry

About Us

DLS Solutions develops custom software for analytical and biotechnology instrumentation

We understand our market and use a concentrated effort to provide the right solution for each customer and project. DLS Solutions develops software which helps customers and deliver innovative and profitable products to market. We accomplish this with a team of developers all having extensive first-hand experience in the instrumentation industry. At DLS, we strive to continually improve and build long-term relationships with dedication and quality services.

DLS Solutions, About Us
DLS Solutions, Inc. develops custom software and solutions for small and large companies specializing in analytical and biotechnology instrumentation. DLS accelerates analysis, design, implementation, deployment and documentation to provide total solutions for our clients.

We can scale our involvement to meet the customer's needs - from simply contributing development resources on an in-house project to managing and performing the entire software development process. Through commitment to the success of our clients, we have built long-term partnerships, growing DLS Solutions and expanding the capability and productivity of our customers' Research & Development.